Publications that are accessible online:

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Edited Publications, where texts are included

Tselika, E. Loizidou C. and Antoniadou A. (2017). Words of Transition. Rites, circles, triangles and water. Re Aphrodite: Nicosia

“Garden Realisms”, Evanthia Tselika & “Intoduction” & Conclusion, Evanthia Tselika and Chrystalleni Loizidou 

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other indications chapter

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maroudias chapter

Tselika E. & Taliotis D. (2012). “The sacred and the naked”. Co-author DemetrisTaliotis. Chapter in the book Critical Cities, Volume 4, which is published as part of This is Not a Gateway festival, Myrtle Court Publishing, London, UK. . P.p. 142-152.

critical cities chapter


Experimental Publications

Waves arts and culture journal

Published Apr, 2018  

This is a prototype issue published through the Shaping Common Paths project. The project was funded by the European Cultural Foundation. This issue was printed and published in Nicosia, Cyprus.


From my classes at the BA in Fine Art, University of Nicosia

From my Fall 2017 class- Public Art, socially engaged and situational practices, University of Nicosia, Fine Art Program

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